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Know1 knows me If its anything to do with the spirit of Aloha and Hawaii...One up!

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Capture The Moment

Over the past few years I’ve gotten the time to snap some rare pictures of how lifestyle was like while living in Hawaii. Right now I’m running a Canon Rebel T1i and I must say this camera is, “Action!”. Excuse me for my local pigeon talk, Im just trying to say that I love a camera with great quality. I’ve always had a passion for photography. Something about capturing moments on a still frame and knowing that you snapped that backdrop or candid for others to see, feels great to produce quality work. Photography caught my eye because of the art. Capturing a picture that tells a story which can relate your viewers to create that same image in their mind, makes photography a lot more fun I say. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no expert but more of an avid learner. Practice makes perfect. Whenever you do have time, get out there, explore, snap pictures, because you’ll never know what you might capture on camera. 200717_202926813069019_294163_n189071_202933639735003_5770571_n 195916_202928053068895_4603694_n267322_235292559832444_4332794_nbeachDPP_0013386559_315182005176832_22988959_n 380150_315181831843516_1199250498_n 386297_314889348539431_405972197_n 377218_314889251872774_1704616033_nDPP_0015

Labor Day Weekend

This past weekend I had the chance to go back to my roots and spend some quality time with my family back on the Big Island. It was great to see old classmates and friends again. Not only was it great to see my old friends again, but such a great feeling to be back to my roots. Everything felt so pure. No worries, just stress free; just me and my family. Although the weekend went by pretty fast, Big Island took care of me well. Heres some photos that I took while vacationing at Hilton Waikoloa Village on the westside of Big Island. Aloha and enjoy!



Straight Outta Compton


If your looking for an intense hardcore gangster movie, well here it is folks “Straight Outta Compton”. I’ve never seen a movie where so much people along with social media, creating so much hype to lead up to this release date. I must say, this movie was played out very well. Its such a great satisfaction when you see characters nail every aspect of the real life characters. Straight Outta Compton was such a great movie from my personal views, because I grew up around this era and genre of music. It’s crazy how those same guys, are such a big influential impact on todays society. I know they weren’t “the OG’s” or the “Godfathers of Rap” but I’m pretty sure they were one of the greatest HIP HOP groups and MC’s alive till this day.


“The Farther of Surf”

Duke Kahanamoku was considered to many to be the original “Farther of Surfing”. With his athletic talents; from being a great swimmer to surfer, he promoted both surfing and Hawai’i to the world. Typical local boy with extraordinary heart competing in several olympics. Duke was known for breaking the existing world record by 4.5 seconds back in 1911 where he jumped in the Honolulu Harbor and swam 100 yards freestyle swim. He was also known for riding incredible breath taking waves that rode for miles into the bay. I remember as a kid hearing all these stories about “Unko Duke”, how he was such an influence to our surfing community today. Everytime I heard someone talking about Uncle Duke, right then and there I knew he was a legend. The talent we see today on the shores of Hawaii and throughout the surfing community, was reflected off the man himself. Happy Birthday to the original “Farther of Surfing; Duke Paoa Kahanamoku”.


Motivation Monday

This quote right here is by all time my favorite yet alone, from the greatest basketball player to walk the Earth, Michael Jordan. Simple yet strong words. Don’t just think about what you want to happen, but instead of dreaming lucid make it happen. It all starts with yourself. Be mental strong and once you up for it, be body strong and that will push you even harder. Couch potatoes are for lazy people, don’t be one of them! Todays a start of a new week, keep grinding and make it happen.

Great Approaches to Publish Far more Persuasively

Great Ways to Produce A lot more Persuasively

There?ll be moments when you have to complete it formally – as an example, if you are increasing cash for any great trigger and you simply need some material to your JustGiving page. More often, there?ll be situations any time you will need to generally be persuasive without the need of it seeming also noticeable – for instance, in covering letters, or simply within a last-ditch ?I have not done my essay but remember to really don’t make me fall short this class? email to the professor at college. In possibly predicament, earning a superb occupation of your respective persuasive creating is significant.

But it is also tough. You do not need to go overboard and begin sounding just like a fifties door-to-door salesman placing over the difficult offer. You furthermore may really do not desire to undersell the subject much that your audience does not conclude up persuaded. And you’ll find a mess of cliches in persuasive writing (?you just will not feel the things they did!? ?Nothing may be extra evident!? ?Eight from ten cats adore Whiskas!?) which might be also best avoided. Here?s a glance at some transferable persuasive writing strategies that will have your viewers received round to the viewpoint very quickly.

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Back to School 2015 SALE!!

School FlyerClass is now in session! Yes you read it correct! This weekend we will be having our “Back to School 2015” sale here at KNOW1. Three days of non stop sale, featuring local brands like; Defend Hawaii, Supply, Restless Kids, Fitted, Hawaii’s Finest, and many more! Keiki to Adult sizes, everything must go. Come on down and show some Aloha; were located in the Windward Mall.  If your looking for your fashionable needs, KNOW1 knows.

Russell Doane TUF21

doaneThis past Sunday Russell Doane faced off Jerrod Saunders in the TUF21 finale on fox sports. It was a battle from start to finish changing momentums at any pace, but Doane came up short and Saunders took the unanimous decision. It was a tough loss that couldve gone either way. We just wanna say keep up on the hard work, blood, sweat and tears you have put on for this fight. Even though this wasn’t a victory, we are still proud of you and representing Hawaii to the fullest! Keep up the hard work because we definitely want to see you back in the ring again.

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Hawaii Boy “Da Last Samurai” Unanimously Wins @UFC189

smolkaThis past weekend was really an exciting one for us in Hawaii. One of our very own local boys, Louis “Da Last Samurai” Smolka went head to head with contender Neil Seery  at this past Saturday’s UFC189 preliminary fights. Beginning of the fight seemed like the crowd was being 1 sided in favor of the Irish, but little did they know they were fighting on American soil. Smolka out grappled and stuck to his game plan early on the fight silencing the crowd to capitalize on a unanimous decision win over the Irish. Congratulations Louis on your tremendous hard work, your hardworking team and coaches, and crazy talent. You are a idol to all and way to put Hawaii on the map. As we all say in victory, “CHEEEEHUUUU!!”

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