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Will Pongamia Trees be the next BIG thing for Hawaii?

On a dirt road in North Shore there is an agriculture startup called TerViva. There are rows of scrubby trees descending toward the ocean and muses on his company’s future. 50 acres of former sugar cane land near Haleiwa now grow Pongamia Trees.


Pongamia Trees are more than jut a crop and Will Kusch, manager of the agriculture start up is hoping that everyone can see that this tree  is the next big cash crop.

According to Kusch, ” It all comes down to the tree’s seeds, which are rich in oil that can be refined to make fuel, such as biodiesel and jet fuel, according to Kusch. What’s left of the seeds after pressing can be turned into feed for beef cattle. Even the husks can be burned to fuel electricity generators.” The company’s president and chief executive, Chris Benjamin, said TerViva presents A&B a “great opportunity” to use its former sugar lands to grow more energy crops locally.

This local  startup has gotten a lot attention from national media like Forbes, which listed the company as one of the nation’s 25 most innovative ag-tech startups, and Fortune, which glowingly reported that “TerViva’s Business Is Saving the Earth.”

Hawaii’s energy policy is calling for 100 percent of the state’s electricity to be produced from renewable resources by 2045, it appears there’s likely to be a need for things like “biofuel” to feed power generators providing a solid base of electricity to supplement wind and solar. “Biofuels will play an important role in the Hawaiian Electric Companies’ fuel mix as we move toward 100 percent renewables,” said Shannon Tangonan, a HECO spokeswoman.

With this company already having big investors from non-profit companies, TerViva is a high growth potential company that could produce big returns for thier investors. The additional products it produces beyond oil: the biomass husks to burn for fuel protein meal made from the pongamia seeds after the oil is extracted. Kusch  likened the potential to the model of soy producers and processors, who sell both oil and the more valuable meal, used for everything from tofu to veggie burger.

Perhaps most important thing Kusch mentions is that pongamia needs little water to grow, an important feature in a place where water is a scarce commodity and what makes pongamia most attractive is the world’s insatiable demand for fuel. If a farm planted too many acres of a commodity like tomatoes, the supply would begin to outgrow demand causing prices to drop too low to justify farming, Kusch said. With fuel, he said, there’s little chance of producing too much.

“From our perspective, the energy market is infinite,” he said.


A massive pongamia tree grows on the University of Hawaii campus next to Bachman Hall.


Little Boy and Fat Boy Conflict

Our country is on the verge of having a Nuclear War but it’s a shame to see that the fate of our future’s country may hinge on the dangerous exchange of taunts and name calling between our so-called, “Leader of the free world” and the manipulating Leader, Mr Un.

Our very own Island could be at risk. An interscholastic ballistic missile with a nuclear warhead would be a frightening sight for Hawaii. Whether it happens or not, we must be prepared for any circumstances.

The blast radius from a hypothetical 150-kiloton weapon’s airburst over Honolulu. The innermost ring represents the fireball radius, followed by the radiation radius, the air blast radius, thermal radiation radius, and last radioactive fallout. Go to to see how other cities could be impacted

From a civilbeat article, here is some advice you must take to be prepared:

  • First, have up to a 14-day supply of food and water.
  • Because electrical devices and utilities are likely to be disrupted, a battery-powered or hand-cranked AM-FM radio should be part of a basic survival kit.
  • Outdoor sirens and warnings on radio, television and cellphones should come within minutes of a North Korean launch.
  • Cell phone and internet access will likely be damaged by a blast. Don’t depend on them.
  • Once a warning comes, residents and visitors must immediately seek shelter. There will be less than 15 minutes to do so before missile impact.
  • There are no designated blast or fallout shelters in Hawaii, but concrete structures like schools, commercial buildings or underground or closed-in parking structures are preferable.
  • Basements, especially ones shielded by soil and concrete, are preferred locations to ride out the attack.
  • A car is not an adequate shelter and forget about driving from town to Kailua over the Pali Highway in an attempt to escape the blast and fallout.
  • Since North Korea’s targeting technology is not precise, neighbor islands are not necessarily in the clear.
  • If you are in a car when the warning comes, get out and, if shelter is not near, lie flat on the ground.
  • Do not look at the flash of the explosion. A missile attack is not an Instagram moment.
  • Stay sheltered indoors until there is official notice that things are safe, or when two weeks have passed.

The unthinkable could possibly become reality if Hawaii possibly becomes a target for a missile. But even more spooky when the question is, where would it hit or what island? Sometimes citizens need to know about this. It sucks that sometimes media sources don’t want to announce things like this but communicating is key in this world.

We need to be prepared for anything, and it starts now. “Better safe than sorry right!?”

‘i’iwi or scarlet honeycreeper

Once common from mauka to makai throughout the islands, the small red bird is now found almost exclusively in high-elevation forests on Maui and the Big Island. The population on Oahu, Lanai and Molokai is completely gone.

The ‘i’iwi are no longer in places that mosquitoes thrive, which is why they have found refuge in koa and ohia forests above 3,600 feet. Lost habitat and mosquitoes carrying avian diseases and malaria are to blame.  But as the planet warms, the mosquitoes’ range increases, further constricting the space available for the ‘i’iwi.

“In recent years, the ‘i‘iwi population has been in sharp decline, due to threats from habitat loss, invasive species and avian diseases, particularly avian malaria,” said Mary Abrams, project leader for the service’s Pacific Islands Fish and Wildlife Office. “These threats have affected all forest birds, not just the ‘i‘iwi. Conservation that benefits the ‘i‘iwi will undoubtedly benefit other Hawaiian forest birds.” 


Heavy Hitters

  It’s been a while since we dropped some new gear for our Ohana out there. The wait is over! We’re back with our original and yet popular designs. The team had to make a comeback with our Eastside “Heavy Hitters” tee that did very well on our first drop. This time we’ve provided more color ways and a baseball raglan that is available in limited sizes all the way up to 3X.

Our original “KNOW1 Box Logo” is also back on a white, black, and red tee.

We added some new designs to the collection like our “Morals Over Money ” and “Economy of Know1edge” tee that provide a direct message to our consumer.

Our new collection can be found only at our flagship store in the heart of Kaneohe at Windward Mall. Get fitted right with some Hawaii street wear! ‘Support Local’ and ‘Buy Local By Locals.’ análisis: confianza empresa a recibir asignaciones de la universidad rapidez y puntualmente

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