KNOW1 just received its first shipment of FULLY LACED. FULLY LACED a street-wear company out of San Fransisco. “Fully Laced has been a story in the making since 2005. What started as a fun project to supply fellow sneakerheads with replacement shoelaces, has grown into a full-on streetwear brand and boutique, providing the industry with cutting-edge fashion and accessories.” KNOW1 is excited to bring the Bay’s premier street-wear to Kaneohe.






STANCE is a unique and fresh sock brand that changes the essential yet mundane daily encounter with foot clothing. “STANCE is dedicated to the spirit of individuality with a design philosophy that believes in expression and function. Expression that creates an emotional visual connection and function that also provides comfort and performance. Building outstanding socks with the best fit and performance characteristics from the highest quality materials is the unspoken priority. The outward facing personality of the brand and our products are the creative and artistic stories that go into every single sock we make. Unravel the spool of convention and celebrate bold expression with this free-thinking fabric. Send a crystal clear mixed message that’s silently loud and quietly bold. Designed in San Clemente, worn everywhere.” BLAST OFF!!







As one of our few mainland brands, Adapt represents our link and appreciation of all street wear culture. Adapt is a brand out of San Francisco, California. “We recognize and represent the ideas of positive change and personal advancement. We are passionate about design, concept, and aesthetics, and hope to reflect these principles in the garments we produce.” -Adapt









KNOW1 now carrying The New Regime. “The New Regime (TNR) is a collective of artisans, entrepreneurs, and problem solvers. Our membership requires active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for others, and the courage to act upon beliefs. TNR defines FAMILY as the root of our strength and enforces a brotherhood of equality between members.” –TNREGIME The New Regime exemplifies a young brand that is unique and creative in making bold statements and thought provoking




Alex DEFER Kizu

DEFER is a very dear artist to KNOW1.  The wall art that strikes awe in every person that walks through our entrance is a product of 18 hours of work, a scissor lift, and a couple quarts of paint.  DEFER hand painted every inch of our walls with our personal scriptures, words and phrases that are significant and meaningful to us.  When speaking about his work Defer states, “My work represents many layers of the human existence brought forth by the many layers of under painting that is exhibited in my work. I also utilize many forms of text – and that pay homage to the graffiti that I was exposed to as a youth growing up in LA. The text is painted in gestural strokes and is expressed as “spiritual language”.  While in Hawaii Defer also painted at the famous Pow Wow Hawaii among artists like Aaron “Woes” Martin and Slick of Disizit.  “Pow Wow is a gathering of contemporary artists that engage with the boarder community in the process and creation of art.”  We are pleased to announce that DEFER will be returning for our grand opening in April to paint live for the community and share his spiritual language.



Spray Paint




KNOW 1 is a newly structured local Hawai’i boutique/streetwear/youth-culture type store located in the Windward Mall in Kaneohe, Oahu.  Cozily tucked into the corner of the 2nd floor next to Macy’s, we are open 10AM – 9PM Monday thru Saturday and 10AM – 5PM on Sundays [excluding holiday hours]. Our new formed structure mostly supports local brands. With the current trend of mainland (US) companies making their way oversea to capture our target market, we’re simply striving to keep the Hawai’i economy cycled through itself. Local store, local-tied brands. Current stocked brands consist of Defend HawaiiFittedAdapt, Hawaii’s Finest, Restless Kids, Aloha Kings, The Scholars, Lightyear Vision League, Aloha Family, with much more to come!

People like to ask me “What is Know 1?” What does that mean?” and I simply tell them “KNOW 1 KNOWS”. As the days, weeks, months and years pass, we will have an array of local merchandise with a few mainland brands that we cant help but show love to. As well as the production of more “KNOW1” designs. Be on the lookout for Kaneohe’s dopest shop. And if you are ever in the neighborhood stop by and check out the us out. Know that KNOW 1 CARES ABOUT YOU!

– Xebastian
“Killing the game like its KNOW1’s business.”


Carpe Diem. Today, KNOW1 will open doors for it’s first time. After a month of renovating the shop that held our location previously, we’re ready for everyone to see the new products and structure that hopes to become a staple in Kaneohe’s Windward Mall, and Hawaii’s local street culture scene. Amongst grandfathering ourselves as the flagship store to brands Defend Hawaii, Restless Kids and Aloha Family, we also are excited to extend our products to feature much more local Hawaii made brands. SUPPORT LOCAL!

Also, we brought down world renowned artist Alex Kizu, perhaps better known as DEFER, to help spruce up our walls with some custom scripture. Come check out his artwork and our store specials this weekend as we offer a ‘Soft Opening’ to KNOW1