Rocky start for Hawaii Native Florence at WSL Rip Curl in Australia

  Hawaii native and reigning WSL champion John John Florence was defeated in the first Semifinal by eventual runner-up Caio Ibelli. Florence fell 0.20 points short of the win against Brazilian Powerhouse Ibelli but, put on an extraordinary performance. Florence is still off to a good start on the Champion Tour, despite the Semifinal loss. Still ranked first in the world, Florence will look to defend his event title in Rio and retain the yellow Jeep Leader Jersey.

“This is by far my best start to the year, so I’m really happy,” Florence said. “I had a really fun event with some great heats, but unfortunately Caio [Ibelli] got me again at Bells Beach. I made a few mistakes that were kind of beneficial because I can take a lot from them and learn from them. I’m really looking forward to heading back to Brazil in a few weeks. I’ve had success there and the waves are really fun, so it should be a great event. I’ve had an awesome Australian leg and am stoked with how it all went.”

Florence just proved how ruthless the competition is on the elite Champion tour having two narrow wins over three-time WSL Champion, Mick Fanning of Australia. Fanning fell short not being able to compete against the North Shore native but gave an impressive performance throughout the day showcasing his sharp, aggressive maneuvers to earn some of the highest wave scores of the day.

Good luck to you John John and the rest of the WSL wave riders. Keep up the tremendous work and keep charging!

Hawaii’s Own Smolka Returns to the Octagon

  Kapolei native, 12th ranked Louis “Da Last Samurai” Smolka will be stepping right back into the octagon this Saturday night on UFC on Fox 24. Despite his 2 losing streak recently,  he will try to break it against 9th ranked rising star flyweight, Tim Elliot. Both fighters looking for a way to make a comeback after having tough losses to ranked fighters in the game.

From the KNOW1 Ohana, we’d like to say good luck to Louis Smolka and to all fighters! Hawaii will be rooting for you till the end. Keep representing and all Blessings to the Smolka team!


Cannabis for Good Use

  In according to a recent review of studies from the journal Trends in Neuroscience, a new study indicates that cannabis might help people struggling with addiction to heroin and other opioids.
States found with legalized marijuana reported a reduction in opioid use.

The review studied, fewer prescriptions for opioid painkillers, decreased numbers for opioid overdoses than states without medical marijuana along with fewer opioid death fatalities.
It is said that 91 Americans die every day from opioid overdoses and 80 percent of new drug users say they started out misusing opioids.

One particular component of marijuana; cannabidiol, or short for CBD — shows promise for treating opioid addicts. Researchers say CBD is non-toxic and shows minimal signs of side effects which make it safe to possibly be used with children.

Although cannabis is also a potential addiction drug, more studies of cannabis are emerging with learning new things on the way as well. Once we can find out how this plant can cure the future, we can then establish appropriate formulations and formal protocols to administer it.
Green is the future!

November 9th, 2016

November 9th, 2016

Today, the United States of America has elected a new leader. Donald John Trump, an American businessman, and now the President-elect of the United States, has the people of our nation in mixed emotions. Pushing the slogan “Make America Great Again” the question we all ask ourselves is, will Trump be able to “Make America Great Again”?

A nation built on controversy, in the pursuit of happiness, does the President-elect have his best of interests invested in the people of ALL America or only for those in his “America”?

Politics can be a very tricky and sensitive subject to many of us. Politicians get exposed & roasted on the daily. Trust between the Political Parties & the People wear thin. And fixed perspectives lead to dead ends.

One thing is for certain. Donald John Trump is now the 45th President of the United States of America. This may change a lot but this doesn’t change everything. We still have our own communities to focus on. We still have ohana, we still have aloha & we all are much more aware of the impact an individual can make if he/she stays persistent & true.

The “change” rhetoric every politician spews on a national platform may sound like broken a record to most of us, but it’s truer than ever. The change starts with us, in our homes, in our communities, in our state.

The world is watching us. Whether they’re laughing, clapping or crying, the world is watching. It’s time to show them, no, it’s time we show ourselves we can be the change our politicians so proudly speak of.

All because, a group of people have, the power to change the laws doesn’t mean they have the power to change our morals. Love, Learn & Live.

Kampaign for President

A few weeks ago,  the KNOW1 team fired up their #KNOW1forPresident campaign for this year’s ’16 Presidential election.

A campaign to bring awareness to this year’s presidential candidates. Just because you’ve heard of their name rumored or being brought up around the white house, does not mean their the right suitable person for the job or even be a runner up. The background checks for both candidates got the community questioning, who to vote for?

Although this year’s election has lead us to no further options, it bring us to the attention to know who you are voting for. Knowledge is very important. To bring awareness, the KNOW1 created signs, “KNOW1 for President” and waved them throughout the busiest traffic light section in Windward City, Kaneohe, Oahu. An exclusive tee was also created with the same saying “KNOW1 for President”. This play on words gave a twist to bring knowledge to our runner ups and literally, just no one for president.

The KNOW1 team showed out and showed up on Election Day and represented districts 47-51. The support from the community couldn’t been any better. From horn honks, shakas, smiles from faces, and even phone recordings and pictures. Awareness is what the team wanted to bring.

To purchase an exclusive “KNOW1 for President” tee, stop by the flagship store located in the Windward Mall 2nd Floor (Macy’s Wing) in Kaneohe, Oahu.

Wise up rise up. We might be a small minority group, but we can cause awareness for the world to hear! #KNOW1forPresident

New Jumanji Movie to film in Hawaii

jumanji-board-gameWhile driving home at around 2 in the morning, in the distance appeared to be bright lights overshadowing some parts of the Koolau mountains. I wondered, what’s going on at this time of the night? As I made my way around the bend towards Kualoa Ranch on the Eastside of Kaneohe, there I could see at least a dozen of commercial Rv’s parked right next to each other. I wondered even more, what could be possibly happening right now?

While finding more clues on social medias and the internet itself, it was known that the new anticipated film, “Jumanji” started casting in Hawaii. Actors such as Jack Black, Kevin Hart, and local boy Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will all make an appearance in the movie. In a post, Dwayne commented that this will not be a remake, but a “continuation” of the 1995 movie.

The new movie seeks to honor the late Robin Williams: the star of the first original Jumanji movie that 90’s kids grew up on. After 20 years later of the first production film, I cant wait to see how this will turn out.karen-gillan-and-her-double-on-the-set-of-jumanji-in-hawaii_2

Honolulu Consider 2nd Greenest City

According to an article on Honolulu Civil  Beat, an analyst discovered  100 cities with 20 key indicators of sustainability. Within the 100 that have been analyzed , Honolulu ranked No. 2.

Such a small but great relief that our Island ranked as no. 2 amongst the 98 other cities. It shows that our community still thrives for a better future and for our next generations to come. Yet a number is but a thing, this is just one accomplishment that we will overcome in the time being. Going back to the community, where we also face a problem with the number of homeless living in the streets. We also have a traffic problem. The list goes on. It’s just a matter of time till we accomplish these tasks or we can wait till its too late. You decide.


Click the link below to see how they scored our Island according to greenness.


Kukaniloko; Preserving Sacred Lands


Nestled between Waianae and the Koolau mountains of the Eastside, lies a sacred birthing place where the highest chiefs were born, known as Kukaniloko.

In 2012, OHA (Office of Hawaiian Affairs) secured 516 acres of a 1,732-acre parcel and in that 5-acre site, lies Kukaniloko. This sacred birthing place sits right outside of Wahiawa town on the left heading towards Haleiwa. The highest ranking of children were born and raised here to be leaders or chiefs amongst their people.


At the site, marks 36 stones in which 36 chiefs would eye-witness the birth of chiefs at Kukaniloko. Those who were born at this place, were marked with a reign of good deeds, peace, and prosperity.

It is also said that Kukaniloko was used to study the sun, moon, planets, and stars that mark our solar system. Although it was very complicated back then to study our solar system, some stones and objects of Kukaniloko reference to where the sun would set.
The Birthstones is one of the most significant cultural sites on O’ahu. These uplands were not only a place where famous Chiefs were born and lived, but where also key battles for the control of O’ahu were fought.

OHA and The Hawaiian Civic Club of Wahiawa are working to preserve this sacred place. The Hawaiian Civic Club claim to have unbroken genealogies that tie to families of native Hawaiian ancestry that been lost through the centuries. They have been catered to Kukaniloko since ever since, preserving and restoring this land. Both parties also plan to reforest the area with Koa and Iliahi trees that were once lush in this location. The third and last is, education. With a visitor center, accessible pathways, and docents to educate our new generations and others who come from around the world. With plans like these, will likely help out Hawaii’s tourism but still preserve Hawaii’s sacred lands.

Kukaniloko Monk

New Defend Hawaii Fall ’16


Defend Hawaii is back again with their ’16 Fall Collection. This year’s collection and designs focus more on the cultural and important events in history that changed Hawaii forever. Defend Hawaii came thru bringing back some of their popular tees as well of releasing some new designs like the “1893” design above, printed on a long drop tail tee.


By far one of the many designs that I personally like. Above is the “Night Marchers” Zip Hood Coaches Jacket covered in camo. The zip hood consist of polyester lining, ribbed cuff, and water resistant material.


“Original” blk/wht as part of Defend Hawaii ’16 Fall Collection. Being original is being like no other. Being original, there’s no one who can stop you from what is wrong, and what is right.


To check out the whole collection from Defend Hawaii, you can visit us @ KNOW1 located in the Windward Mall (Macy’s Wing) 2nd Floor; the biggest distributor for Defend Hawaii products. Or you can visit their online shop  @!